Supporting The Veteran Lifecycle

What is SkillBridge?

SkillBridge gives an opportunity for service members to gain valuable work experience in the civilian sector through job training, employment skills training, apprenticeship, and internship opportunities during the last 180 days of military service prior to release from active duty.

Join the SkillBridge Talent Pool

If you are separating or retiring from the military, what are your career plans?

Join the SkillBridge talent pool for the following benefits:

  • Nationwide and remote internship opportunities
  • Flexible start and end dates that are tailored to your transition timeline
  • SkillBridge internships available for all skill levels, regardless of degree status
  • Ability to collaborate with different departments for a customized internship experience
  • Get free assistance with paperwork and command approval
  • FREE for service members and spouses

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Service members can ask questions about participation by contacting their installation SkillBridge POC. The POC may be in the transition assistance office, education office or other support office. Additional information may be found here.

DoDI 1322.29 lists general eligibility requirements as -

  • Service members may participate within 180 days of being discharged or released from active duty and service members must have served 180 continuous days on active duty.
  • Approval authority rests with the first field grade commander authorized to impose non-judicial punishment under Article 15 of the UCMJ in the service member's chain of command.
  • Such commanders may approve or disapprove participation by a service member based upon unit mission requirements.

It is recommended that members complete mandatory TAP prior to starting a SkillBridge program. See the Resources page.

SkillBridge is intended to be for service members about to be released from active duty. They may participate no earlier than 180 days prior to their release date.

Interested service members must get approval from their unit commander.

At Served with Honor we also welcome military spouses to apply to opportunities marked as available to spouses.

Yes, but each branch/service may have its own rules and guidelines regarding eligibility. Reserve or Guard members should contact their local education/transition office for information.

Yes, the assigned unit/command will still be responsible for the service member while they participate. Program managers cannot replace or assume the administrative, ethical, or legal responsibilities of the service member's commander.

The decision to grant access to the SkillBridge program remain's with the service member's chain of command.

For more information visit DOD SkillBridge FAQs.